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Five Lessons I’ve Learned About Marriage

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our thirty-sixth wedding anniversary (yay!!).  In years past, we’ve always tried to take a vacation of some sort during this time.  But this year, we decided to keep it simple.  We planned to have a short staycation and just hang out close to home…no agenda or schedule, just take...

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About Charlotte

I’m Charlotte Kindred, a portrait + branding photographer based in Mansfield, TX. What I love most about being a photographer are the wonderful people that I get to meet and the beautiful stories that I’m honored to tell with my camera. As a mom myself, I know better than anyone that time flies by faster than we could ever imagine. And in the blink of an eye, our little ones are learning to drive, shopping for prom dresses and preparing for college. We can’t stop time or keep them from growing up, but we can do our best to capture as many of the toothless smiles, playful giggles and loving memories as we can.



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